Ms. Head's Students Wrap Up Fossils Study with Virtual Reality on Exploration Station

On Wednesday, December 13, Ms. Head’s class at Audubon Elementary School had their own Magic School Bus Adventure on the District’s Exploration Station. After a Reading unit on Fossils, the students were able to board the bus and take a virtual field trip to a fossil dig site where they learned about how paleontologist use their tools to unearth fossils. They also learned how paleontologist figured out the age of each dinosaur and what special tools they use to find and dig. 

After their trip to the virtual dig site, the students visited several famous museums and learned about the real fossils that they have on display. The museums were as close as Chicago and as far away as Berlin and Brussels. They were able to see fish fossils, T-rex, barosaurus, triceratops, and many more. 

Exploration Station is equipped with Google Cardboards and ipods with the Google Expeditions app that allowed Mrs. Sapp, a DCPS technology integration specialist, to take the students on this virtual tour without ever leaving the parking lot. 

William: “It was really cool, I learned about different dinosaurs that I didn’t know about”

Emersyn: “It was awesome! We got to see different things. Moving our heads took us to the location Mrs. Sapp wanted us to look at so she could tell us more about it.”

Samuel: “It was like going to an actual museum, we could virtually look around and see all different types of dinosaurs.”

Ms. Head: “It was a wonderful experience for my students. Mrs. Sapp did a great job as the tour guide. The students had a blast, and I loved seeing their expressions and reactions to what they were viewing! It made the whole unit come to life for my students."