Stephanie Keelin's official title is the Family Resource Coordinator; however Stephanie is much more than most would ever know! Let me take you on a journey of why Stephanie should be recognized as someone that promotes Health to not only the students but families of Daviess County Public Schools. Stephanie's office is not an office but a home for many students.

Students and families know that they can come to her for any need they may have and trust me there are many! Stephanie could be providing clothes for that student that fell in the mud while waiting at the bus stop and needs to be warm and dry for a successful day at school. Or it could be the student that doesn't have any clothes that fit and the ones they do have are full of holes and haven't been washed in over a week.

The long, disheveled look of the student coming ashamedly into the office brightens with joy when they see Stephanie because they know that they are going to be taken care of. Many times a student can't concentrate on school work due to one of their teeth rotting inside. The student hasn't been to the dentist in two years, but Stephanie provides them with the names and numbers of those doctors in the area they can go to immediately to allow the student to sleep at night and come to school pain free. Stephanie works daily with parents making sure that students are able to see physicians by keeping them informed of local resources. Maybe it's the mother and father who both lost their job several months ago and are to prideful to ask for handouts but Stephanie provides them not with handouts but opportunities to work here at the school and more importantly resources to get back on their feet again. Stephanie someday may be out of the building with the guidance counselor helping find and install a washing machine for a parent.

Stephanie could be helping replace a radiator in a vehicle for a parent so they can take their child to their next doctor appointment and school. Stephanie could be organizing a family dance night at the school to be sure that parents have an opportunity for a healthy relationship among themselves and allowing parents the opportunity to bond as a family. You may catch Stephanie putting together a back to school event, breakfast with Santa or other events to promote healthy school/family relationships and to keep students and families safe from other events they could be participating in. You may find Stephanie digging through her list of "angels" to find a bed for a student to sleep on at night that is without a bed and is forced to sleep with 3 other brothers or sisters. It could be that she is out at Wal-Mart with families shopping for student clothes from the Angel tree donations that were made a Christmas time.

Many people are at the pool or lake during the summer but not Stephanie. She is busy with students at summer camps here at the school in partnership with the 4-H and having a girls camp promoting healthy girl relationships and activities for better health. Stephanie provides more services than ever required or could be asked, not because she has to or because her job description requires her to do certain thing, but because she cares as a mother and as a human being. Thank you Stephanie Keelin for all that you do for our children, their families, and our community!

Kevin Lowe

How would Stephanie Keelin spend a $1,000 Foundation Grant?

Children and families is the family resource center's focus. Should Stephanie be selected as the winner without a doubt the funding would go to continue in breaking down barriers for children and families that exist that possibly limit children in their education and growth. Education would continue to improve by utilizing this funding to assist students with continued emergency clothing, medical needs, food, and school supplies. Students would also be assisted through our weekend backpack food program that eliminates hunger for students that normally would not have food over the weekend.

I appreciate this opportunity to submit this proposal to the DCPS Foundation. Many of our struggling readers at Meadow Lands suffer from poverty and lack parental support at home. This has had an overwhelming effect on them emotionally and academically. Therefore, I have chosen to focus on the area of 'literacy' to help these students improve their academic success which will better prepare them for middle school.

If I receive a Focus Award grant of $1,000 from the Foundation for DCPS, I would spend it to begin a "Book Chasers" book study. Teachers would select 4th & 5th grade students who are currently struggling in reading to participate in a book study program designed to enhance reading skills in an informal, fun and creative environment. Reading activities would involve reading and book review, online research, crafts, etc. and would incorporate science and history projects that would allow students to express creativity.

"Book Chasers" would be offered after school, once a week. A local church has expressed an interest in providing volunteers that could assist me in these activities.

Grant monies would be used to purchase books and other reading materials such as magazines, craft supplies, and incentive prizes.

My goal is to make this a fun class that students will want to attend, enhancing their reading skills and allowing them to participate in activities that they would not ordinarily have the opportunity to participate in.

Thank you for your consideration of this program proposal.

Stephanie Keelin